Identifact Investigations believes when it come to dishonesty, prevention is better than
cure.  As a result, we offer a business risk assessment service within Adelaide and South
Australia, which will identify any area of the business vulnerable to abuse by either
employees or customers.  As well as conducting a thorough assessment, Identifact can
offer business solutions to help minimise or prevent future corruption.  Utilising this
service not only beneficial to running your business successfully, but is also tax effective.  
Identifact is proudly South Australian, and specialises in South Australian investigations.   


Identifact Investigations has the ability to conduct discreet and comprehensive surveillance of anyone involved in
your profession using the latest in surveillance technology.  This service is generally utilised by an employer who
wishes to ensure that their employees are acting honestly and professionally in their line of work, especially those
in autonomous roles.  Identifact is a leading South Australian firm in the area of fraud and embezzlement.  

Prior to commencement, a Private Investigator will sit down with you and establish your objectives, and gather
from you as much relevant information as possible about the person you wish to observe.  This will enable us to
structure a successful surveillance strategy that meets both your objectives and budget.  On completion of the
surveillance, and depending on your requirements, we can provide you with the relevant evidence in the form of a
surveillance report, and will provide you with relevant surveillance footage in standard DVD format.


Theft, dishonesty or deception by either staff members or customers within small business is unfortunately
not uncommon.  Investigating these matters yourself can often prove traumatic and stressful.  Of more
concern is the fact that if you do not handle the matter professionally and legally, it may lead to litigation
being pursued against you or your business.  

As a leading investigation / detective firm in South Australia, and with over 15 years in the investigation
industry, Identifact Investigations will ensure that all enquiries and interviews meet the strict standards
required for both criminal and civil legal proceedings in the event that they are put to proof.  All investigations
are conducted with the primary purpose of providing you with the best available evidence to protect your

In the event that a Private Investigator uncovers criminal behaviour, you may wish to have the offender
prosecuted by the Police.  If necessary, Identifact Investigations can prepare a Brief of Evidence for you to
submit to the Police, which will maximise the chances of a successful prosecution.  In addition, Identifact can
provide verbal evidence on your behalf in any subsequent legal proceedings.
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