Do you suspect your partner is having an affair?  

You are not alone – infidelity is one ‎of the main reasons people hire the services of a
Private Investigator.  Whether you ‎have a slight hunch that you partner may be
cheating, or whether you are ‎already fairly sure and simply want confirmation, Identifact
can help finally put your mind at ‎rest.  ‎

Unfortunately, the following fact is true; when someone starts searching the Internet for
an investigator to help them find out if their partner is cheating, ‎more often than not
their partner
IS cheating.  It is your right to know whether or not ‎your partner is being
unfaithful, so that you no longer have to spend you’re your time ‎worrying yourself sick.  
If you are wrong, it will put your mind at rest, and if you are ‎right, you can make
whatever decisions are necessary to get on with your life.‎

We understand how personal, private and emotional it can be discussing the subject of ‎
infidelity with someone you don’t know.  We will treat you with sensitivity ‎and
understanding, and will conduct all investigations discreetly and ‎professionally, using
the latest in surveillance and investigation technology.‎

Identifact Investigations specialise in investigations within South Australia and
metropolitan Adelaide, and has local knowledge and experience which is often crucial
to this line of investigation work.

Please note that we do not assist in accessing a person's electronic devices such as
phones or computers as generally this is illegal.  We do however offer surveillance or
tracking strategies which are often sufficient to satisfy a customers needs.  

Remember, Identifact offers free advice, so please
contact us when the time is right.
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