One of Identifact's most valuable and satisfying services is helping a client locate
missing persons within Adelaide and South Australia.  We have access to numerous
databases, search engines and agencies not accessible to the general public.  Whether
you are looking for a long lost relative, friend or acquaintance, or simply trying to
obtain an up to date address or phone number for an individual, Identifact can assist
you with a missing persons service that is second to none.  

We provide an up front, fixed fee for our missing persons service, which includes the

  • A comprehensive database search
  • Any required telephoning of an individual
  • Any door knocking of an addresses within the metropolitan Adelaide to confirm
    the location of an individual

All missing persons work is flexible and is structured around a client's needs.  If
required, we can also access databases and locate people outside of South Australia.  
We understand that a client may not always wish for the missing person to know that
they have hired a Private Investigator to track them down, so we ask that you clarify
this before we commence work.

contact us to discuss how we can help you with missing persons work.
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