The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 is responsible for regulating how
businesses ‎collect, use and disclose personal information about individuals.  
The National ‎Privacy Principles, contained in the Act, outline how a business
can only use the ‎information it collects for the sole purpose for which it was
collected, except with the ‎consent of the individual.‎

How does this relate to you?  Put simply, it means that any information you
provide to ‎to Identifact cannot be divulged or passed on to anyone else
without your consent.‎

Identifact understands that its clients need to be sure that information they
provide will ‎be treated in the strictest of confidence, and that all investigative
enquiries will be as ‎discreet as possible.  As well as fully complying with the
Privacy Act, Identifact also ‎enforces its own internal code of ethics to ensure
that its customers have the utmost ‎protection and confidence they deserve.    


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