Not all Private Investigators and Detectives are the same.  While all are
required to be appropriately licenced, experience and training can prove
paramount, in particular when an investigation leads to more serious
implications.  Identifact ensures that whatever the nature of the
investigation, evidence gathered will meet the burden of proof required
during both civil and criminal litigation.  As a leading Adelaide firm,
specializing in South Australian investigations, Identifact has 15 years
experience in evidence gathering, and has developed various interviewing
techniques that have resulted in criminal convictions.

Identifact Investigations offer a private investigation service within Adelaide
and South Australia to suit whatever your need may be.  Private
investigation work can be as different and unique as the people seeking the
service, and like surveillance, it can be structured to suit your requirements
and budget.  

As with surveillance, Identifact will discuss with you in detail what you wish
to achieve from utilising the services of a Private Investigator, and prior to
performing any investigation work, we will outline the cost of the service so
that it does not exceed your budget.  

Identifact Investigations specialise in the areas of:

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  •              Background checks
  •              Missing persons
  •              Public liability
  •              Risk analysis
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