The reason most people seek the services of a Private Investigator or
Surveillance Operator is generally due to prior events that have raised their
suspicion.  They do not wish to confront the person through fear that they may
be wrong, resulting in irreparable damage to a business or personal relationship.  
The problem is, without confronting the person, you are often left wondering, and
are unable to get on with your everyday life.  For this reason, Identifact
understands that keeping enquiries discreet and professional is of utmost

Most people simply want to know where an employee, partner or family member
is going, or what they are up to when they are out of sight.  As a leading Adelaide
firm specialising in local South Australian enquiries, Identifact has the
knowledge, ability and technology to conduct comprehensive surveillance of a
person while maintaining complete discretion.

Prior to commencement of any surveillance or investigation, a Private
Investigator will sit down with you and establish your objectives, and gather from
you as much information as possible about the person you wish to observe.  
This will enable us to structure an efficient surveillance strategy that meets your
objectives and budget.  On completion of the surveillance, and depending on
your requirements, we can provide you with the relevant evidence in the form of
a surveillance report and/or the relevant surveillance footage in standard DVD

Identifact utilizes the latest in covert surveillance technology, including hidden
pinhole cameras, digital still and video recording, and DVD burning.  In addition,
we have local knowledge and experience within South Australia and
metropolitan Adelaide providing us with a clear advantage over our rivals.  

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